macro shot with 4 close up filters...

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Re: macro shot with 4 close up filters...

Jim9901 wrote:

Could you elaborate on these points? I'm curious what this is about.

I use Gimp as my photo editor and here is what they say on the points, I would imagine that it would be very much the same in Photoshop.

Pick Black/Gray/White Point

The three eyedroppers next to the Auto button can be extremely useful, especially if you are trying to fix a picture that has a weird-looking color cast to it (because, say, you had the white balance on your camera set wrong, or the light was funny). They pick the black point, gray point, and white point respectively. If you click Pick Black Point and then click somewhere in the picture that you think is supposed to be absolutely black, the tool will adjust the whole image's brightness so that it becomes black. Pick White Point does the same thing with white: it adjusts the brightness and color so that the selected point is a pure, maximum-brightness white.

Pick Gray Point is a little different: it only adjusts the color (that is, hue and saturation), not the brightness. If you click somewhere that you think is supposed to be a neutral gray (such as a white wall), the tool will adjust the colors of the whole picture so that any color cast is removed and that part of the picture looks gray. Of course, if you didn't happen to photograph any gray or white objects, this is not so useful. Clicking on something that is not supposed to be gray can produce strange and freaky effects that you might find amusing.

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