sticky crumbling melting rubber

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Jeff Greenberg
Jeff Greenberg Contributing Member • Posts: 820
sticky crumbling melting rubber

Photo-related gear stored in cabinets or closets for 5+ years:
Canon 10D program knob & port cover;
black rubber-trimmed external hard drives;
black rubber covered laptops;

dials leaving black rubber tire-like tread on thumb, finger;
trimmings & coverings sticky, melting, comes off on whatever touches it;
surfaces stick like flypaper.

Temperature in my residence not more than 82F when out-of-town.
Are others finding this? Is it a climate thing? Or inferior rubber?

Discovered this when someone wanted to buy one of my forgotten 10Ds.
Spent more time cleaning my fingers than the 10D body.
The customized rubber port covering crumbled into pieces.
Lowered price from $200 to $190.
regards jg

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