Why did you pick the XZ-1

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Re: Why did you pick the XZ-1 - Wish I hadn't!!!!! :C

Model Mike wrote:

Juri D wrote:

here is a good comparison:

I think what you're seeing in these test shots is the usual noise/detail tradeoff - at high ISO the less noisy crops also show less detail. So there's no clear winner, these are raw captures and you can always alter the noise/detail tradeoff in post processing anyway.

what I am seeing at base ISO is that XZ-1 is the most efficient of the bunch with such a difficult subject as hair. It will translate to the print. Compare this with Sony 100v, the latest paint machine: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/studiocompare.asp#baseDir=%2Freviews_data&cameraDataSubdir=boxshot&indexFileName=boxshotindex.xml&presetsFileName=boxshotpresets.xml&showDescriptions=false&headerTitle=Studio%20scene&headerSubTitle=Standard%20studio%20scene%20comparison&masterCamera=oly_xz1&masterSample=p1170578.acr&slotsCount=4&slot0Camera=oly_xz1&slot0Sample=p1170578.acr&slot0DisableCameraSelection=true&slot0DisableSampleSelection=true&slot0LinkWithMaster=true&slot1Camera=canon_s95&slot1Sample=img_2251.acr&slot2Camera=panasonic_dmczs10&slot2Sample=p1010045&slot3Camera=sony_dschx100v&slot3Sample=iso100&x=0.6117036955608756&y=-1.3543671354552187

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