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Re: Remember to change

D200_4me wrote:

Take it out of the DCIM folder. It can't see it there. It needs to go on the drive itself, not in any folder. Think of the flash card as your C drive...you drop the bin file right on the C drive, rather than in a Windows folder, Programs folder, etc. Know what I mean? Just put it at the root of the flash drive, not in any folder at all. This is how I've done all my updates and it works great. Nikon does it that way too. The file just goes on the flash drive at the root, not in any folder at all.

Thanks D200_me and others!
Finally got the message and it works!

I misunderstood the message on the Panasonic site: "Copy the file into the Root directory ( 1) of the SD Memory Card.
( 1) Root directory = The first or top-most directory in the hierarchy."

I read that for: copy in the top folder... In fact they should say: in the empty space. But then again, I am sort of a newby...
Again, thanks a lot. This forum is gold.

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