Portraits, please help me improve.

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Re: Portraits, please help me improve.

You received a lot of good tips here. One of the greatest advices in photography is to keep everything simple as you can. What I observed in your first set of images is the composition. You have taken the picture at an angle. Was this intentional or did it happen by accident?

Many armature photographers take pictures without knowing how angles relate to what they portray in a given situation or a photograph. Remember the old adage "a picture is worth a thousand words"? Well, "almost" every photograph has a story behind it. What we, as photographers do is, try to tell that story in a more pleasing way. More you know about the subject, better your technique will be. Good photographs will bring you personal satisfaction and admiration of your peers. Self education is a good start. However, you will learn a ton of great things by attending a class or a course on photography. Check the Canon's website for availability of such courses in your area.

Having said that, you have taken your pictures at what is known in photography as the "Dutch Angle". The "Dutch Angle" is often used to portray the psychological uneasiness or tension in the subject being filmed. If that was your intention, so be it. Try to stay away from things that do NOT augment your story or the subject matter.

Also, if you are serious about photography, it is a good idea to invest on a monitor color calibrator. You could pick one on eBay for about US$ 100.00 or so. You may have not noticed but, there is a noticeable green tint in both photographs.

Hope these observations might assist you in some way or form.

Good luck.

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