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Re: the 77mm FA...

antifreez wrote:

I'm now really curious about the question I posed in my last post. It may have been lost because the overall post was very long. I'm really curious to see what the forum thinks about this:

"Someone on pentaxforums mentioned that a lot of people that find the K5 revolutionary are people coming from the K20D or K7. And that, apart from maybe more abilities to pull out detail from the shadows, there's not a significant difference in IQ or high ISO capabilities between the K5 and Kx/Kr. The poster mentioned that the controls and the WR are really the only significant advantages. What do you all think?"

Well I went from K20d to k5 and found it was an amazing camera .....but

I also have opportunities to shoot 1dsmk4 and d60 and d7000 I prefer the handling of the k5 love the speed of the 1ds but wouldn't swap the d60 or d7000 fro my k5 even with a cash bung.

As to your question re the kx I brought my wife one, it is what it professes to be a nice entry level dslr....being brutal against the k5 its painfully slow to the point of frustration. AF zoning is very hap hazard (I don't rate the k5 that highly (to few points)) , Due to the dumbing down precise control during shooting is nigh on impossible with most important controls only accessible via a very basic menuing system.
Af speed is also noticeably slower in more challenging situations.

There are many more frustrations with the KX/Kr if your used to using a better class of camera.

If you only want to shoot 'green' or 'P' then yes there are very few advantages to the K5.


IQ wise the kx can match the k5 at hi-iso but in the 80-200iso range the k5 is noticeably superior by some margin.

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