Pentax K5 + Da* 16-50 Popcorn & Cotton Candy

Started Sep 13, 2011 | Discussions thread
brecklundin Senior Member • Posts: 1,995
Nice work Jim

I wanted to favor the B&W after my first look but as I compared the B&W is missing something and I can't explain what. I think it has something to d with the people in the foreground and how they are lighted and maybe something about the sky & clouds at the same time.

I do really like the color shot. I have a thing for neon glow carnival lighting. Just love those bright colors and the sensation I get from simply seeing a carnival setting.

I know what you mean about a carnival event where there are just too many people. I shoot our towns annual Flower Festival every year though I missed the past two. And when it gets too crowded it's pretty much no fun to shoot.

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