The successor of the D700 is coming pretty soon and so is a new flash

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Well, it borders on absurd the number of threads about

the same exact thing. You will find out exactly when Nikon wants us to know... In this day and age, a leak is more likely on purpose than not. And Nikon really does not care what you and I think. They will release what the Pros want for the pros and we accept it. For Pro-Sumer, Nikon will listen to a few things form the public but competition is also key to that choice.. .we still live with whatever.

For the regular consumer lines, Nikon has a scalpel sharp, laser accurate targeting system that always seems to get it! Almost every camera below the D100/200/300 line is HUGELY successful.

So, this is why these sorts of threads are simply a waste of time. You are spending so much time caring and tending to it, it is really a shame you don;t understand why people say what they say. The discussion to you is likely more important than the art.

I guarantee you that as soon as ANYTHING is announced, there will be hundreds of disappointments, and hundreds of threads... I feel you may also open a few and certainly participate in many and for what reason? The camera is out, done deal... so it is best to devote time to the use of whatever we are given, complain lightly and show your discontent through your wallet. Spend money on Sony and their superior technology (this is not a joke, right now, they have p'wned Nikon and Canon!

Regardless, you don;t care what I have to say because if you did, these threads would not be opened in the first place. Just wait patiently like you have to. No amount of posting will change the eventual schedule. And no, Nikon does NOT owe you or me an explanation... only stockholders.
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