Is Global Shutter coming to m43 first?

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duartix Veteran Member • Posts: 3,586
Is Global Shutter coming to m43 first?

I don't know when or where this is coming, but I see this as the killer feature than can make m43 rise for World Domination . A few uses that I can think of...

  • Silent photography (a true must for candid shots) since the subject won't react to the photograph being taken.

  • Instant HDR (a must for landscapers and everyone that feels the m43 sensors are DR limited) - since you could program a 100%, 200%. 400%, whatever exposure expansion you could think of needing in advance.

  • Image Stacking be it for HDR, Noise Reduction, Super Resolution, Focus Stacking or Defocus Stacking. Everyone else is using it and they have to deal with all kinds of technical issues that a focal plane shutter will induce, like: vibration, delay, synchronization.

  • Vibration Control when using telephoto lenses. We all know a solid tripod works wonders but that bloody mechanical shutter still takes it's toll.

  • Flash Synchronization at high speeds. Self explanatory.

Can you think of other benefits?

Is this the thing that will cure everyone of Sony sensor envy? That damned Nex-5N exerts one hell of a pull to the Dark Side of the Glass...

I mean, 95% of my glass is legacy and behold... the Sony peaks! But damn it, i really like WA...

IS THIS S**T REALLY COMING???? In the near future?
Duarte Bruno

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