X10 DOF - reality check...

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X10 DOF - reality check...

When the X10 was announced, some people seemed to be a bit excited about the possible 'selective focus' capabilities of its F2.0-F2.8 lens.

Well, for those who don't now this already, here's a reality check...

The X10's F2.0-F2.8 only provides the same 'selective focus' (narrow depth of field) as...

  • A 35mm format 'full frame': F8.0-F11

  • An APS-C sensor: F4.5-F6.3

  • A 'Four Thirds' sensor: F4.0-F5.6

...at their respective 'equivalent' focal lengths.

The aperture value that gives the same DOF (at 'equivalent FL) is directly proportional to the sensors 'crop factor', e.g. The X10 requires a '4 stops' lower (wider) aperture value for the same DOF as the 35mm full frame camera, its sensor being 1/4 of the linear dimension (11mm diagonal, versus the 'full frame's' 43.3mm diagonal).

As anyone who has ever worked with 35mm full frame cameras would know - an F8.0-F11 aperture value would never be considered as offering any real significant potential for 'selective focus' (at these focal lengths).

As I've said in a previous recent thread...

Anyone expecting to achieve 'selective focus' with a camera such as the X10, despite the wide apertures, will most likely be disappointed - you simply need a much bigger sensor format, and the accompanying longer 'real' focal lengths.

The primary purpose of the X10's fast lens is for lower light/better quality (lower ISO/noise capability) - and not really for any serious 'selective focus' pretencions.

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