A12-M with Nikon 35mm f/2

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Re: I don't know

Midwest wrote:

To my eyes, the first shot isn't very sharp. The second one is better, but for a 12mp camera and a Nikon prime lens I would still expect more. Maybe there is a trick to hitting the focus spot-on, or maybe the lens would benefit from stopping down some? (The EXIF says it was shot at f1.0 which would be a trick with an f2.0 lens.)

To my eyes they look fine. If you want bitingly sharp images, the Nikon 35 1.8 DX lens will be better. I have no idea if it will vignette although I would guess since the GXR uses a APS-C sensor, it would be fine.

Nice images, I particularly like the wrenches and all of the B&W look very good.

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