E5 Jpegs, ummm - different?

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Re: E5 Jpegs, ummm - different?

zbahu wrote:

Don't know if anyone can help shed some light on this.

I have a toshiba TV with an SD card slot, just load a card with images and you can set the telly to run a slide show. its a great way to show folk images (ok, bore them to death with holiday snaps etc.)

if your tv has an HDMI input it can "play" the E5's HD output directly from E5 using the tv's remote (using the universal red/blue/green/yellow buttons if the remote has the butttons that is).

This has always worked fine with images from my E500 or E3 but the TV won't open any E5 images. Processing is the same (Adobe RAW in CS5) and even if I run a jpeg back through an older version of elements, it still don't work, that is ->
E5-> CS5-> jepg-> PSE8-> jpeg2

Its not a size of file issue either, so I guess it must some sort of meta data in the exif screwing things up. I'm really puzzled though, I always thought a jpeg was a jpeg...

also.... about RGB...there is sRGB (likely a little more user friendl/common to older appliances) and AdobeRGB (aRGB). i'm not suggetsting one format will work and the other will not. just saying.

Any ideas?

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