Need Advice!

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Need Advice!

I need to upgrade from my elph to a more professional camera.

Please recommend based on my needs:

  • need to achieve narrow depth of field

  • low light performance

  • quick response time

  • need to purchase used, so can't be just released

  • portability a plus, though I know I may need to let go of that to get the other features

In case it helps to know my situation, I am a mother of two young kids and want to take pictures of them. My son hates cameras, so I have to be sly with him. It helps if I can hold the camera at my waist and keep eye contact with him, or take out my camera and grab a shot before he notices. Our house has fairly low light, so that is why I need some low light performance. I have discerning taste when it comes to photography, and take relatively good pictures. I notice the details and would like to be able to do more natural light photographs without flash, even indoors. I took some film photography classes in college years ago, and think I could pick some of that back up, but would like to be able to get decent auto performance.


p.s. If there is a non-canon camera I should really be considering, please go ahead and recommend. I'd prefer canon but would be willing to branch out.

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