Steve Huff comments on the 16mm

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Re: p perzon on himself...

John Bean (UK) wrote:

Jonas B wrote:

Henrick Shyu, Just having fun, photo perzon - there is a growing list of insecure folks feeling the need of post all sorts of let downs.

So true, and almost the exact reverse of some forums where the resident fanatics tear into anyone who dares to post even a hint of criticism of their chosen camera, almost always a sign of insecurity. I had a Sigma SD9 back in 2003 and was embarrassed to be associated with the bigoted, insecure fanatics that infested the Sigma forum in which I tried (and failed) to inject a bit of balance from time to time.

Fortunately NEX users are, on the whole, rather more confident and comfortable with their own choices and perfectly aware of its limitations, which must be a bit frustrating for the sad individuals who try (and fail) to inject FUD into this forum

I think that sums it up nicely.

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