MC/MD to Alpha mount (probably an FAQ :-)

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Michael Berg
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MC/MD to Alpha mount (probably an FAQ :-)

Hello all,

I've been looking into way of using older Minolta glass on my A580. By older I mean "really old", as in MC/MD manual focus lenses. I don't own any such lenses yet, but I might if I can find some way to fit them on my camera.

So far I have been able to draw the following conclusions:

  • The flange distance on the pre-A Minolta system is so short that it isn't possible to use a purely mechanical adapter and retain infinity focus on the newer DSLR's.

  • You can buy adapters on eBay at a very low cost - they all use extra glass elements to extend the focus plane a bit, to allow for infinity focus.

  • Due to the low cost of these adapters, the the glass element are generally low quality. That kind of makes it a pointless exercise to begin with, because the color and contrast of the old MC/MD lenses is why you are looking for an adapter in the first place (well that, and the low cost of these lenses of course

Does anyone have practical experiences with these adapters? I'm considering using a flange adapter without any optical elements, even though I would lose infinity focus. For example, the 1.4 rokkor line of lenses might be great portrait lenses as long as they can focus out to 2'-3' (can they?)

I'm wondering what the best no-optics adapter is, and of course if we do have to use optics, what the best quality adapter is (and where to buy it). I realize Minolta made a 2x adapter with very good optics, but they are hard to find and very expensive so that's probably not something I want to. I wouldn't be interested in the magnification factor either.

I also noticed that some people have tried grinding off the MC/MD mount flange and gluing on an A adapter from, for example, a cheap M42 adapter. My mechanical skills unfortunately do not reach that far, so I'm probably not headed down that path anytime soon..

Share your experiences

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