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Re: The short answer is no

DrewE wrote:

Rod Herdman wrote:

Something in my head also rings a bell where a very thin plastic plate can be mounted between lens and body and replicate some contacts?>

(A thin nonconductive plate doesn't seem to make much sense to me, unless it were very thin, more a film than anything. Any measurable thickness there would shift focus sufficiently to prevent infinity focus, or at least require adjusting the infinity focus stop on the lens.)

Yeah, I know a shim might affect focus. But I compared a M50/2 and A50/2 lenses yesterday and there is a small recess in the mount in the area where the contacts are, so it might just be possible to shim something in there without affecting focus.

It also occured to me that if that could be done, instead of coding the contacts correctly for the lens in use, it might be possible to deliberately code the lens incorrectly to fool the camera into thinking the apertures were different to what they actually are and thus correct to some degree the exposure errors from M lenses?
What do you think ? Has anybody tried this before ?

I'm starting to think on one hand I should just forget this, but on the other hand I'm a bit intruigued and thinking somebody with more technical knowledge than me might just make it work.



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