Guru Philip Bloom using the NEX-5N (and barely mentioning it)!

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Re: Guru Philip Bloom using the NEX-5N (and barely mentioning it)!

PhilipBloom wrote:

My OLED is coming from Hong Kong, bought it on ebay. Stuck in customs. So should be at home by time I get back from IBC.

I have been shooting bits with NEX5 for past couple of days but not constantly so know nothing of any overheating issues.

Love the peaking on the LCD screen. Rolling shutter means you got to stabilise the little beast if you using non IS lenses.

So far everyone who used it last night when we were out in Amsterdam was blown away by the image quality in the video mode.

I have yet to challenge it though. No idea if the moire and aliasing is bad yet. That i will find out when I shoot some brick walls on Tuesday around the City at same time I am testing the anti-moire filter for the 5D.

For what I paid for the camera from digitalrev is stupidly good. Shame they still limit the frames rates to regions. That is a pain.

Thanks for your input Philip! Sorry about the rudeness from some of the mebers here. Sponsored or not, you know how to make nice vids with small cameras!

Regarding the increasing number of semi trolling from MFT fanboys the last few weeks, I can only read that out as they are scared shitless about the upcoming NEX-7.

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