New 60D, it's really IS a rubbish camera.

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Funny but not out of character that the OP AKA "feedme", has side-stepped the issue of the missing (deleted) EXIF data. The EXIF data would have at least offered some proof to the many upstanding, knowledgeable and long term members of this forum that the OP may have actually touched a 60D for a few minutes.

brightcolours, you have done an excellent job of showing the various holes in this person's story and I thank you for taking your time to do so.

brightcolours wrote:

1st, you stae you have the 60D and Tamron 18-270 VC. That is what you said you have.

A little while later, you state you "have access to" a 100mm L.

Which now has turned into that you "have" both. uhuh....

You show images that are very bad, which suggest a malfunctioning lens. You keep on harping on how bad that 60D is. You even start to babble nonsense of the camera metering 3 stops low. Which is nonsense, of course.

Then come some "100 L" samples. They show camera movement. You do nothing with that info, you keep on wanting that supposed 60D to be a bad camera.

Now not only do you have a 60D and 18-270 VC from tamron, and that 100mm L macro that previously "you had access to", you also happened to also buy a 580 EX II flash and a number of tripods.

Come on, really. Enough is enough.

"feed me"... you are most certainly not starving, huh troll?

FeedMe wrote:
It still applies - why should I have to provide you with proof I own something?

What, you expect me to go get a Justice of the Peace to see the camera and sign a sworn statement I have one? LOL..

I'd rather BE a troll than pander to the likes of you.

prstl2 wrote:
Facts are based on proof, you have provided no proof of owning a 60D.

You have, however, demonstrated that you know how to act like a Troll and that is the one fact you have proven quite well over the past few days.

FeedMe wrote:

And you asking for me to supply proof of anything confirms my 'elitist' statement..

Why the hell should I provide you with proof of anything? Like I REALLY care a monkey's toss if you actually believe me or not?

The facts are as I have stated, if you don't believe me, I don't care.. I don't care about you, why should I care about your beliefs?

prstl2 wrote:
Well I was not talking to you, but rather about you.

But since you have attempted to offer an explanation, it would do wonders for your credibility and perhaps even begin to nullify the growing possible fact that you are a "Troll" by posting the un-cropped pictures with the EXIF data intact.

Keep in mind using words like "you people" and calling the forum regulars "bloody elitist" does nothing to help the negative reputation you are building for yourself here. Your current actions only further prove that Randylb5's statement is more than correct.

FeedMe wrote:
Jesus christ!..

Talk about an un helpful, unfriendly forum..

The reson they have no exif data is they are 100% crops of the area I focussed, cropped in Irfanview which had "keep exif data" unticked.

You people need to take your heads outta your bums and stop being so bloody elitist!

prstl2 wrote:
Randylb5, words of wisdom well stated.

I have stayed out of this p*ssing match until today because I am not convinced the OP even owns a 60D and offering solutions to a "manufactured problem" would be pointless. The one thing that stands out the most for me is the lack of EXIF data in the provided "examples" from the OP in his first post.

Randylb5 wrote:

I've followed this thread for a couple of days to see where it went, I think the thread needs to be closed, I'm not reading it anymore, here is my parting comment:

Feedme, you are extremely rude, immature, a juvenile brat and a most likely a Troll. You post the title that firmly suggests that the 60D, not just YOUR 60D, but all 60D's are rubbish cameras. And your name is "feedme", come on guys, TROLL. And you're falling right into it and feeding this clown.

If, on the very very slim chance you are legit and need help the proper way would have been to post the title something like "Having a problem with my new 60D, please help". People, including myself, would have been falling all themselves to help you. GROW UP!!!!

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