Death of the DSLR.

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Re: If the western geographies follow the same pattern as Asia

BIJ001 wrote:

That article states:

“If the western geographies follow the same pattern as Asia, then it will be negative for Nikon and Canon.”

The key word is IF.

What's popular in Japan isn't necessarily popular elsewhere.

A resemblance to the manual vs. automatic gear shift is used in the article.

Well, in Europe the average car is with manual gear shift, in the automobile (as opposed to utility vehicles, trucks, buses etc.) market segment most cars don't have automatic gear shift!

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Iván József Balázs

What is important is the trend, though. Surveys in Germany and neighboring countries have shown that already a majority of drivers prefer automatic gear shifts. And new technology now allows tiny cars with small engines to be outfitted with automatic gear shifts without destroying the driving experience compared to a similarly powered model with a manual gear shift.

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