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Re: Malwarebytes

I'm a Malwarebytes fan too and have been using it for a few years after finding it was the only scanner at the time I could find that would ID and get rid of a virus that was raising heck on my PC. I've also used with very good results it to help other folks clean their machines.

I use Chrome for my browser and I've learned by sad experiences to keep most of my web wanderings to known sites and that has eliminated most of my problems, but still as insurance I'll use Malwarebytes to do a quick scan about every week and a half when I manually update it's definitions.

I use Avast for my "on all the time" online monitoring and have just set it up as my screen saver on my new Windows 7 PC so it scans when I'm idle. After many years using the free version of Avast I decided to purchase the upgrade for this new PC. They won my business with their long term quality. I consider Malwarebytes of the same high performance and quality.


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