LOVE the HX-100 - but gotta return it

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Re: LOVE the HX-100 - but gotta return it

JoePhoto wrote:

BUT ... I simply must have wider wide-angle ... and RAW.

My normal day-to-day photos are 90% at the wide angle, 14mm (equivalent) was my favorite lens back in film days. I realize no P&S is going to give 14mm equivalent but there are some with 23mm etc.

Well, that makes you a “normal” P&S digital photographer, since if anybody checks all their keepers 90% to 95% of all of them are less than 90mm (equivalent).

That happened to me also, I realized about that 90% to 10% real-user ratio, and been an engineer and an MBA I had to be logic and associate 90% of my P&S budget with that range and I bought the Panasonic LX3, but been also an amateur birder I also bought a superzoom. LX3 has a 24mm wide end and RAW, plus the possibility to buy the wide converter to have 18mm, it is just a wonderful lens. Both, LX3 and the wide converter have very good ratings at, and since I only use 16:9 format I bought that 18mm converter and I just keep it on my LX3 all the time, combination which fits perfectly in case logic camera case DCB-303 that I carry in my belt:

What I would love to see on a P&S, (and we seem to be getting close) is a 20mm equivalent. And a 40x zoom would give 20 to 800.

To cover my 10% distant subjects registration needs I bought the SX30IS, which so far provides the best details at long end zoom. In your case you should verify if new Panasonic FZ150 (plus 1.7x teleconverter) or coming SX40 (to be announced this Tuesday 13, according to canonrumors) could provide better output of distant subjects.

Thanks for reading .... JoePhoto

I hope it helps,


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