X10 lens potential crippled by OVF?

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Re: X10 lens potential compromised by OVF?

Based on preview information and the Fuji X10 web site, this camera is a bag full of compromises...And I think they are, for the most part, pretty sensible compromises that center on image quality, lens rigidity and performance, and basic camera handling.

For me, selection of a particular camera for a particular shooting session involves my own set of compromises.

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When I shoot sports, I use a pair of D300*s. I also use the D300*s for technical work. I put up with size and weight to mount the lenses I need and have more control over framing.

-- For serious documentary photography I prefer my M8 (my desert island digital -- and I have decided not to get an M9 for awhile because I have a nice progression of lenses that work well for me with the M8). I don't get to use big lenses, but I have straight forward controls, fast focusing, and superb image quality.

-- For walkaround I am enjoying the* X100*. I also use a Ricoh GXR when I need a zoom. An X10 is a candidate to replace the GXR. Either will fit into a big pocket or a small bag.

-- And when I want a camera that I can slip in and out of my pocket, I use a Panasonic DMC-TS2 . I have to trust the camera more, but it's that, or no shot at all. And if I drop it into the punchbowl, it will still keep working.

As you walk down that list and the cameras become more "convenient" I end up with less control. Tactical considerations rise in relationship to the aesthetic.

Back to that X10 viewfinder...This looks to be a fairly complex piece of engineering. I can't imagine what it would take to throw in the EVF, or throw in a lot of information. I don't need most of the information that appears in EVFs, but I do have one lingering concern about how AF is presented, and how successful I will be in hitting the AF "spot". Given the performance of the GXR and the X100 EVFs (which aren't bad), if I could only have one, I'd rather have the OVF.

So...Compromises with the X10? Yes. But they may mesh together into a pretty decent shooting package, while acknowledging the limitations. And competent photographers recognize the limitations in every camera they use.

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