5N first thoughts - From a Nikon DSLR lover :)

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5N first thoughts - From a Nikon DSLR lover :)

Well I've been marching on a downsizing path for a while now (lots of cameras owned, but my most recent ones were 1D3 to 5D2 to D7000) and now I think I've stopped at the 5N - I don't think i can handle smaller than this.

Disclaimer - there may be some errors in this or things I've missed, I've only had the camera for a few hours

Controls - I've shot Sony before, but it was an A850, so getting used to the 5N control scheme is going to take some work.

With the D7000, I had pretty much most of my camera functions covered by external controls - granted, it's a bit unfair to directly compare the two cameras, but since i'm moving from the D7000 to the 5N, I thought I would mention it.

For instance - I really, really wish the 5N had just one more external button, perhaps just to the left of the on/off switch, as I'd love to assign a "dedicated" flash or exposure compensation method there. Sure, I can assign one of the buttons on the back or the rear wheel for those functions, but more choices are usually good

Overall, though, the controls aren't bad , and are pretty workable. It took me a minute to figure out just where some of the options are - for instance, typically i don't think to go to a "Brightness" menu to select ISO functions, but one is bound to run into a few quirks with any new camera.

I do feel Sony hasn't lived up to the potential of the 5N, though - they've got a decent touch interface but don't take advantage of it. Where are my custom image banks I can select with just a finger tap?


I thought I was going to have a problem with this, but the 5N is just big enough to really fit comfortably in my right hand - the curled grip is just good enough to allow the camera to dangle by my fingers and feel very secure. (i'm 6 feet tall, with proportionally-sized hands).

The package with the kit lens is a lot smaller than I'd thought it would be - the setup is dwarfed by my Nikon D90 and 18-105 combo.

I already love the tilt LCD and have used it already to shoot a waist-high tripod shot. I thought I would need to get myself the EVF, but so far shooting in daylight hasn't been impossible, so I might just forgo the EVF and leave my flash attached.

Flash It's small, it mounts very securely. So far no complaints, but I haven't used it too much. I do know that I attempted a few shots inside and had to turn the flash comp down to a -2, as the normal shots were way too flash washed. I'll have to experiment more.

Image quality So far, so good. While I'd love an option to completely turn off noise processing in JPEGs, as LR3 handled it just well, what I do get out of the JPEGs are pretty darn good.

ISO 3200 SOOC, then tweaked just a hair in LR3 to make the blacks a bit darker. I believe the camera had the dynamic range on the highest setting, which induces a bit more noise in the image (especially the shadow regions within the shoe), but hey this is great to me, and getting this almost SOOC is nice.

Here's another shot and the tilting LCD came in really handy, as the bulb was above my head about 2 feet - perfect!

I still have a lot more testing to do with the camera, but so far so good. Once my Minolta - NEX adapter decides it wants to arrive, I'll get to test the 58mm f 1.4 and 24mm f/2.8 along with......a 600mm f 5.6 coming from KEH.

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