A question about monitor calibration and gamma

Started Sep 10, 2011 | Discussions thread
ashley karyl
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Re: A question about monitor calibration and gamma

The 1.8 gamma is a legacy from old Apple monitors that has no real relevance today and you should stick to 2.2 or possibly L* if your software supports it.

kevinschoenmakers wrote:

I just calibrated my new iMac with Spyder 3 Express, and I have a question regarding gamma. Before I calibrated it I manually set the gamma to 1.8, because I felt everything was coming out way darker than it was supposed to. However, the calibration, it seems, has set the gamma back to (close to) where it was.

Is this, then, the 'correct' setting for gamma and should I take this as the baseline, or is gamma, like monitor brightness, something that has no real bearing on image-editing and can be set to wherever I think is nice?

I'm a little lost here.

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