Epson P2000 + Win 7, anyone got a hack?

Started Nov 19, 2010 | Discussions thread
old_dog Regular Member • Posts: 354
Re: Epson P2000 + Win 7, anyone got a hack?

I have not found a hack that makes the P2000 work like it previously did pre-Win 7 but I am able to use it as follows:

1. I can connect via a USB port. The connection sequence on the P2000 will not complete.

2. I get the Actions window in Win7 asking what I want to do with the new device. I reply open the folders on it. I would like to be able to open it under Adobe Bridge but Bridge does not recognize it.

3. I can manually select the images in the folders and drag them to another place on one of my hard drives.

4. I shoot in RAW (Canon .CR2 files). Since Photoshop Bridge is not an option that comes up on the Actions Popup for the device, I have installed the Adobe DNG Converter standalone application so that I can convert the files to the standardized DNG format.

A pain but at least I can capture the files I store on the P2000 and copy them off to my PC. This is a lot easier, at least to me, than having to copy them to a CF card in the P2000 and then load from the card.

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