Is there any hope of ever seeing any more NEX lenses?

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Re: Is there any hope of ever seeing any more NEX lenses?

Chippy99 wrote:

Everdog wrote:

btw, you should never buy something based on rumors of what might be. Let's wait until the end of Aug. when Sony has more to say.

Did I miss anything at the end of August?

Eh, Yes, Sony not only did tell the world that it will come with the new Nex 5N and the new Nex7 but the also tell that the 50mm 1.8 OSS and the 55-210mm Oss and the 24mm C lens will come to the market this year.
That makes the lens lineupo from Sony at this moment:

16 mm 2.8 Pancake
18-55 mm OSS kit zoom lens
18-200 Oss zoom lens optimized for video
30 mm macro
50 mm 1.8 OSS
55-210 OSS zoom lens

So when I did notr forget anything there will be a total of 6 lenses (WA adapters not counted as real lenses) at the end of this year drom Sony only. All these lenses will AF on the Nex.

We forget thet some 3rd party leenses already did come out for the Nex (All MF)

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