Selling D90 and lenses to get D700. Crazy?

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Re: don't be . . .

uncleskull wrote:

camera rich and lens poor.

I came very close to selling my D300 (had a buyer) when lusting for a D700.

Thankfully I came to my senses when I realized what lenses would cost. Now it's just a hobby. My pro days are behind me. I can live very happily with my D300.

The next body will be a smaller Nikon. The D5100 seems to be the most likely candidate. All my lenses will work nicely on either camera.

Good points, all. I ended up actually climbing that mountain and just finished the climb down. The D700 shipped off about a half hour ago and I am now left with the D7000 as the only body.

I started with D70s, then went to D2Hs but didn't like it and switched that out for the D300. That lasted a long time, until FX lust grabbed me. I sold off many lenses (some I regret selling now) and ended up with the D700, D300 and several nice but inexpensive lenses (I almost always buy used) ...

18 months later, my tastes and hobby have evolved and I am using the much smaller D7000 (to be fair, I needed the Ai support before jumping to the smaller body so this move was not obvious a year ago) and my remaining lenses. I may yet sell off the Tamron 19-35 and 28-75 and replace that with the Tamron or Sigma 17-50.

There are two lessons here:

1) If you get FX lust but cannot really pin down why, you are better to just improve your existing lenses. I actually ended up with a better DX body than before, but a worse lens collection. Oops ...

2) Sometimes you just have to work your way through these steps to be sure. sigh ... but it gets costly. The only saving grace is that I buy used or discount, so I lose less than some others might. But I still lose ...

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