Reuters analyst says Nikon will do well and (D4/D400 soon)

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Re: Nikon answers Reuters analyst

WOW this announcement had a profound impact as Nikon seemed to go into damage control to announce they are coming out with a mirrorless camera. The investment market reacted and Nikon stock shot up! So the investors are now happy. Now for the competition. Sony has released its a77and the road map regarding their technology.

The specs are quite impressive. How they work in the real world we will see. Canon announcements are next week and are expecting to release their new point and shoots. The new market going forward as far as generating revenue in the consumer realm is exciting indeed because anyone of the camera makers can make a significant impact. Although the Sony NEX has things on lock in the asian market Nikon and Canon are about to make an impact with their mirror less technology.

I don't think sensor technology on the side of Megapix will make huge difference but lowlight still has impact. This is Nikon's arena. We are the masters. With regards to proffessional photogs and cameras the Olympics will separate the men from the boys. When the D3 and the 200-400mm/f4 made their debut this combo blew many away.

The lowlight impact caught Canon off guard and quickly turned the tide especially with the MarkIII focusing issues. The Mark IV followed but damage was already done. The D3s Is now the new King and will be for a while to come. Nikon will indeed have both the D3s and a pre-production D4 present at the Olympics but the D3s will have its Shine although its been out for a less than a year.

All the great images coming out of the Olympics will be from D3s. With what Nikon learns from the Olympics they will imput into the Nikon D4. Nikon is a Very Smart company. They will let Canon and Sony play their hand first. They will tweak the NEW Technology and will release it in the New Beast of a Camera the D4.

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