Primes vs Zoom + Flash

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Re: Thanks for the reply,

Thanks to good advice in this thread, I returned the 85mm and decided to keep the 30mm. The 30mm is just an amazing lens. And I just realized, it pretty much does everything I need to do. It's very sharp wide open and when you stop it down to 2.0, because of the wide angle, increasing the ISO doesn't look so bad (100 to 400). And those shots where I need more light, 430 EX II is more than enough, it's an amazing lens. I learned how to use the H sync mode, so now I'm shooting with flash and set the shutter speed to > 400 on top of that I bounce the flash, so my pictures look a lot better.

I think the extra money I almost spent all my lenses (I had bought a 50mm sigma in addition to 85, which I had returned, so that's $1,500) is better spent towards full frame. I realized that full frame is the only thing that will give me what I want. What I want is pure low light performance, I want the best image quality possible and no matter how much I try with what I have, I won't be satisfied. So it's best if I spend $400 temporarily to keep me happy, wait for the 5D Mark III, and make a big jump.

I think I can sell my current setup (T2i + 18-55 + 55-250 + 30mm sigma) for around $900-1000. I can then take that $1,500 almost spend, add to that, and spend a little more and get the 5d mark III with an L lens (not sure if I'd go with 50 1.2 or 24-70 yet), that's really what I want. Ability to shoot with primes indoors wide open or stepped down to 2.0 with ISO > 1600 is a dream for me. I think the new 5D will do just that.

Someone asked me what I did with my video problem as that was one of the things I was trying to solve, and the answer is I went for XA10 + AT487. It's just simply stunning. No way I can match that quality with what I have in DSLR space, I'm just very happy that I made that choice. I could have easily spent that money towards lenses or DLSR gear (or maybe even 5D), but shooting video with DSLR is just no something I want to do. I am not shooting documentaries. With a 9 month old at home, shooting videos with her using my DSLR is just not very convinient (not to mention it looks bad because of camera shake, focus, etc). I still use my DSLR for those corner cases where the camcorder isn't sufficient (like my daughter falling a sleep on my wife's arms in her room with very little light where she is steady and shallow DOF creates a good image), but that's really for artistic reasons, no way I can record my videos like this all the time and to be honest with you I don't think anyone could.

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