Can't add ICC profiles to Mac

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Re: Can't add ICC profiles to Mac

Hm. I haven't upgraded to lion yet, but I can make some suggestions.

Are you trying to put them in your user's profile folder? or in the system profile folder? If you're trying to put them in the system one, try putting them in the user folder instead.

ie - [username] Library/ColorSync/Profiles
instead of - Macintosh HD/Library/ColorSync/Profiles

In either case, it's probably a permission problem. Put all the .icc files in question on your desktop then try this:

Run Terminal (search for it with spotlight)
type: sudo cp -v ~/Desktop/*.icc ~/Library/ColorSync/Profiles/
and hit return
(it will require you to enter your user password to enter admin mode)

If that doesn't work, tell me what it says.


wmeyers wrote:

I'm having the same problem. Anyone know the solution?

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