Its fourth quarter 2011 time to think about 2012 Calendars

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Its fourth quarter 2011 time to think about 2012 Calendars

Would it not be nice to be able to create a Photo Calendar Template that contained your important date noted and easily populated with your images. With a little bit of work its is possible to do. I have created 2012 Calendar templates to be printed on roll paper. I have created two size templates. First template for 6" wide roll paper 48" long. Each month prints as a 6" x 4" image. The second Template for 16" wide roll paper 32" long each month prints as a 8" x 5.33" image. Both templates months have a 3:2 aspect ratio. I used two down loads to create these templates.

The first down load a single Photoshop Script Jeffrey's Calendar Builder download and documentation at . With this script you need to create a text file containing the dates you want marked up with you notes. Once you create the file all you need do is open Photoshop with no open document run Jeffrey's Calendar Template Builder script create 4R size templates a do nor rasterzies text layers. This script can build 12 one month Calendar templates in a single run.

The second down load I used was my Photo Collage Toolkit download and documentation at . This package contains seven scripts for Photo Collages work. I use its Collage Template Builder script to build two Templates one 6" wide x 48" high 300 DPI that contained 6" x 4" images in 12 Rows and 1 columns. The second template 16" wide x 31.998" high that contained 8" x 5.33" in 6 Rows and 2 columns.

Now what needs to be done is to add transparent month over the image areas. Now Jeffrey's Templates are almost what is needed. So I created an Action set to massage Jeffrey's Templates. The first Action converts one of Jeffrey's Templates files to what is needed. It deletes the Image group and background layer from a template and changes the layer styles and some opacities. I create two more actions to change the these converted files layer style for other looks. And I created a Action to resize these 4R size file by 133.33% for the 8" x 5.33" template images.

I then batched the convert action and pointed to Jeffrey's Calendar templates used save and close to replace the templates.

I populated the 6" x 48" 12 row 1 column template with the populate collage script and pointed to the 12 6x4 2012 converted month templates and save that as new template 6x4Calendar2012.psd

I then populated the 6x4Calendar2012.psd with the same script and pointed at my New Zealand images

I massaged the converted template file and created other calendar template files. Here are some sample populated templates. These are full size jpeg samples so the are links:

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