Current/Future wide-angle options for NEX besides 16-mm pancake?

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re: quite surprising about 8-16

Unfortunately I don't remember and all I have now is the cropped images from which I did mtf testing. I've put the whole lot up here:

Ignore zeiss title, I used an old gallery. The mtf number is the left side of the box. All the mtfs are from the left side target which was in the middle of the image.

All mtfs are relative to one another and have nothing to do with mtf numbers otherwide provided for either lens.

Note the very small difference between the sigma and the sony values. The scale is logrithmic so the difference is larger that it appears.


jpr2 wrote:

docmaas wrote:

I tried both the sigma 8-16 and the samyang 14. The sigma is better than the sony 16 w wa converter throughout the range but not enough to justify the larger size and higher price.

how was it about vignetting, and peripheral performance, esp. in
the corners??


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