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Re: shooting raw files

After reading the lovely scuffle that ensued... Wow... people are SO polite! (well, most).

I don't have the 60D - I have the T1i. On the T1i when you hit menu it is the first selection on the first tab (Canon uses multiple tabs, some of which are NOT available in all shooting modes). I put it on the green square (the most automatic I know) before trying to get to it. From what I understand, 60D and T1i actually have similar menus, so I'm hoping you'll have the same experience there.

You use the arrow keys on the back of the camera to navigate inside the menus, using the up and down arrows to highlight your choice, then hit "set" when you get to that choice. Set opens up your menu choice and then you use the arrows to choose which type of file you are saving - small/medium/large (varying fineness), raw plus large or raw by itself.

Canon packages a program called DPP with its cameras that has a batch converter for raw images. It isn't very difficult at all to have it batch convert your images if you would choose to, or better yet, look at your raw images in DPP first, delete anything that doesn't make your grade then bath convert what is left - it will convert them as you set them in camera.

That is the least cumbersome (though not necessarily best, because some things could need fixed, and DPP can do that, too) way to shoot only raw and skip J-pegs completely.

I'm bringing that up because forever I was shooting raw + JPG because it was "convenient" to upload what I want afterwards. That sounds wonderful in theory, but takes up a ton of hard drive space after a few months or so if you become a really active shooter and isn't really necessary.

Hope that I helped! I was going to post a triumphant "why I only shoot raw files now" thread myself, so your question attracted me. More than willing to answer more questions.

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