5D II corrupted files

Started Aug 11, 2011 | Discussions thread
mark fairhurst Forum Member • Posts: 78
Re: 5D II corrupted files

I just had similar problems with 1dmk2n,using sandisk extreme cards
See also
The brief view is either the card is defective or
there is a problem importing the images into Bridge .

I tried accessing the images on the card using DPP generally (50% of images) were accessible and OK and can be processed with Canons software but not Bridge.
Sandisk blame Adobe,Adobe blame Sandisk.

This appears to be a fault within the card ,best replace it and see if Sandisk will replace.

But try the option of using DPP to access the image(s) rather than importing to a folder first,just in case you can salvage some.
Good luck.
The Rat

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