Why not a bigger battery for X10?

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The point is that based on past experience, as well as X100 battery life, that the X10 users will probably be more likely to need to bring more batteries with them on a day's outing than owners of similar sized P&S cameras that use larger batteries.

In a perverse way, I found that a plus when switching from an F30 to an F70EXR. The F30 had remarkably long battery life, but did not ship with a battery charger: Fujifilm suggested charging the battery in-camera with an umbilical cord. (Fujifilm did make an external charger for the F30's battery, but no store carried one in stock, and I never have seen one.)

The upshot was that on extended trips away from home, I always had the be calculating in the back of my mind when I would be able to tie the F30 to a wall plug long enough to recharge the battery fully, or whether I should risk the possibility of the camera turning into a brick at a crucial moment.

The NP50 battery of the F70, on the other hand, is small enough to fit in the same little accessory pocket of a case as a spare SD card, and the F70EXR shipped with a compact external battery charger. When traveling, I always start with a freshly charged NP50 in the camera and another fully charged NP50 in the case; when the in-camera battery runs low, I just swap batteries as they used to switch to the spare gas tank on the early 1950s Volkswagens, Although I have never conducted a controlled test, I am pretty sure that I can get more shots from two NP50s than I could get from the single battery in the F30. At night, I use the wall wart battery charger to re-up the little suckers in my hotel room while I sleep.

I agree. That's quite perverse.   I wouldn't be too sure that you could get more shots from two NP-50s than from a single NP-95 though. Fuji rates the F30's battery at 580 shots per charge vs only 230 for the F70 and F80. If Fuji's numbers are accurate (CIPA numbers usually are), you'd need 2 1/2 F70 batteries to match the life of a single F30 battery. I'd also look at it this way. When traveling, if you're going to take a spare battery and charger along with an F70, you could just as easily take a spare battery with the F30, and if you always start with both F70 batteries freshly charged, you could also start with both F30 batteries freshly charged. Charging the F30 is less convenient if you don't have an external charger for its batteries, but where you're very likely to need more than one battery for a full day's shooting with the F70, you probably wouldn't come close to needing to reach for the second fully charged F30 battery during a single day's shooting. The gives your F30 all night to charge its partially depleted battery when you've finished shooting for the day.

I don't worry about starting out with a fully charged battery in my F70/F550, etc. because I also always keep a second charged battery in its small camera case. This is usually good enough for daily jaunts with the camera where the camera won't be extensively used. But if I think that I'll be taking a lot of pictures in a single day, I can bring along up to 4 additional fully charged NP-50 batteries. Based on battery life estimates that would be good for at least 1150 shots for the F70. The F30 would be good for slightly more, 1160 shots with just a single extra battery, and it would be much less convenient keeping track of which of the five F70 batteries were charged and which were depleted than which of the F30's two batteries were still charged. Heck, unless it's a really long trip, close to 1,200 shots should be enough to not have to worry about bringing a charger, which itself would take up more space than all of those extra F70 batteries. BTW, B&H has several house brand (Pearstone) NP-50 chargers. One is $20 and it also has a USB charging port and a DC car adapter. It also has a $10 mini-charger that doesn't have those two extras. Oops. Wrong battery. That's for the NP-50. For the NP-95 there's the similar $20 charger with the two extras but no mini-charger. Like Fuji's NP-50 charger, its A.C. plug is normally enclosed inside the charger, so an A.C. cord isn't needed. B&H also has Fuji's BC-65N charger for the NP-95, but its price is a whopping $99.95.


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