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Re: Why I didn't buy the X100 today

MuMinded wrote:

Hi Floss..

You may remember me from the very old S2 days. Oh, how I pine for that camera at times. I traded up (?) to the D300 when that camera was just released. The S2 was still producing fine images but I was tugged by the superb feature set of the now famous Nikon and have not really regretted the move. However, in my heart I will always be a Fujifilm guy when it comes to digital cameras. Oh, and their film ain't all that bad either... Remember that stuff, the sort of placticky stuff that comes in a canister! As a matter of fact, I just picked up a brick of the 120 Astia for my Contax medium format gear.

I remember film. I found a roll on a shelf I had removed mid roll from a camera some years ago to change to a higher iso film when the clouds moved in. So I dragged the F4 out of retirement, spent 20 minutes figuring out how to turn it on and get it ready only to find it did not take flash cards, xD cards or even SD cards, whats up with that?

I> I had my eye on the X100 now for some time, but until today I did not have an oppertunity to play with it in my favorite Tokyo camera store. I finally got in there with a blank memory card and with no work or family agenda to draw my attention for the whole afternoon.

It seems like more than a few of the S body veterans have given the new Fuji X a try.

After about a solid hour of playing with the camera I found that what was lust for a beautiful looking camera quickly faded to Ho-Hum as far as the UI is concerned. Like a fine looking woman, one can only be happy for so long if there are no brains under the hood. I messed around with the camera and got a few good images. When I loaded the keepers into LR I have to say that when the camera (or me?) get's it right it really nails it. However, the best that I got from that camera still is behind the IQ I get with my Nikon D300 and good glass. (opinion guys.. don't go knawing on your fine X100 camera straps because I said such blasphamy)

Having a fixed lens does reduce lens envy and trying to make a choice for the photo at hand, though.

Yeah, yeah,... I can hear the drums starting to beat now.. "but what about the "in your face" factor of those intimidating DSLRs"? And, "what about the soul inspiring size and feel of that slevet body on the X100 compared to the Dslr?" Well, my opinion is that although both arguments have merits, it still a long way from getting me to get used to the cameras dumb blond manners and UI.. (apologies to all the dumb blonds in the forum)

Blonde cameras, didn't they shoot 126 film?

I shoot outdoors a lot. I am not sure the elk and trains think I am in their face. It is generally better for those subjects to be a safe distance, anyway.

On an aside, if I hear the phrase "the X100 produces such buttery backgrounds" one more time I just might pull my hair out.. For those that don't know, it's called "Bokeh" . And, the X100 isn't either outstanding nor terrible in this regard because it's a matter of astetics as much as it is to any geek factor of the lens/sensor/pixey dust....

Maybe when the wow factor passes and the X-100s hit the used market the camera will be viewed as a tool rather than a collectable.

So, don't worry..although some of us are now just "lurking" there are still plenty of S users that are in the know around.

So thanks for the experiences, check in on Wednesdays to see what is happening with the antiques or former users. Feel free to post the X-100 images you have which you like the best.

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Alan, in Montana

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