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Pit123 wrote:

Unfortunately, I have never touched the ZD300, so I cant use that as an example.

It is unfortunate that you've never tried one because it is a great lens to shoot. Do try it out if you have the chance. However, please excuse me from not further discussing this lens with you, especially your extrapolation of how it "should" compare with the competition.

Full image: You see a tighter EFV from Oly (because of the 2x crop vs 1.6 crop), but the size of the subject (boat) is equal.

Now see 100% crop at center: Equal size and details -> same effective reach
Remark: The kenko 1.4 TC did not report correct Exif data to Canon image

Remark II: oly was 10 MB E-3, hence a little bit lower density than 18 MB Canon -> a little bit less detail and effective reach.

All I can see is that you're comparing different shots of the same moving boat taken at different angles and conditions. Leaving aside the inclusion of the railings in the tighter shot, the shoreline is a dead giveaway that the distances to the boat are not identical. (I'm not saying its deliberate) It would be much better to do it with a static subject with minimal or no subject distance variance.

Also we're talking about the ZD300mm f2.8 not the 50-200 which is the entire basis for your views here.

Now I can expect some test shoots from you

I think not yet

Its often better not to have any photos than to have misconceived ones.

The only conclusions i have made is based on technical data: Heavier, more expensive and slower AF. . But I asked for crops to see wide open results with 2x TC and I still wonder why nobody will show them. Is that a conclusion? You have concluded a lot without showing any kind of "prove".

That's because most people will stop down when using a 2x TC for better results (and no we typically do not bump up the iso when we do so), including the Oly stuff. For the 300mm f2.8, 2/3 stop is generally regarded as the sweet spot.

Sorry, I dont understand you question but i have never consider the 1DMkIV. I went from e-3 to 7D and like it better in every way except the loosy dial wheel. (I missed a lots of shoots in the beginning, because of that) I also feel the E-3 was more rugged.

Its good for you that you like your 7D better than your E-3.

I have followed the sunday bird thread and have seen many excellent images from you. So I know you are a very good in bird shooting with lots of excellent images.

Thanks for this Pit, I need all the encouragement that I can get

I explained why it’s important for a lens to perform wide open with TC’s. If the ZD300 cant, I find it quite relevant for this thread.

Do you never shoot wide open with TC because the performance is too bad? Will the IQ be better for you if raising the F-stop and ISO ?

Its more of I have the margin to stop down the lens by 2/3 stops for its sweet spot simply because the ZD300mm is an f2.8 to start with. No I typically do not raise the iso when I stop it down. The IS helps me out big time here to keep things at iso400.


Yes, as long as you are close enough. When you are not, and need to crop a lot, iso800 will really destroys the details. At least from my 7D.

That is why I suppose both of us avoid iso800 generally!

In addition to the image degradation a higher iso gives you, diffraction will also degrade IQ as soon as you stop down to f8 on a high density camera like Oly or 7D.
Another reason to shoot wide open

Nope, just shoot at f7.1 or f6.3 if the subject is close

So you do shoot wide open or almost wide open with the 2X?

I shoot at f7.1 by default. Wide open if I can get the subject bird full frame and only if I have to.

I havent said the 2x TC suffer no readily visible degration. It does- but not much on the 300mm! I claim: For 7D + 300mm 2.8 IS and EC-20, its better to shoot wide open than raising the ISO if you are already beyond iso400. And I showed you.

No arguments there but I do not bump up the iso when I stop it down by 2/3 stops. In short, I shoot it when the light permits. Otherwise, I'll just take a record shot of a new bird specie or don't even bother at all. But that's my preference and there no right or wrong about this aspect.

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