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frelwa wrote:

prime wrote:

Literally millions of rangefinder cameras have been manufactured and sold that had no pop-up flash, but the designers of which had located the viewfinder's entrance pupil as close as possible to the lens axis in order to minimize parallax; can you think of a good reason why that design criterion should change for the X10?

Ask Fujifilm.

Au contraire, mon cher ami.

I merely pointed out that Fujifilm's design of the X10 simply follows what every maker of a (non-SLR) camera with an eyelevel viewfinder -- and that includes Fujifilm with prior models of viewfinder cameras -- has considered to be a standard practice since the first viewfinder-equipped cameras were made. YOU , on the other hand were suggesting that the very conventional viewfinder window position that Fujifilm employed for the X10 model may have been dictated by a reason different from the very good reason why every other camera maker has located the viewfinder entrance pupil as close as possible to the axis of the taking lens. If asking needs to be done, it is incumbent upon you to do the asking -- but be prepared to accept ridicule from the person whom you ask.

They're the ones who choose X10 criteria.

I seriously doubt that any camera designer even for a moment would entertain the suggestion that, "Let's move the viewfinder entrance pupil farther away from the axis of the lens to increase parallax."

If you think I'm a pop-up flash fanboy,

Silly boy. Until I saw your most recent posting in this thread, it never had occurred to me to spend a nanosecond thinking about what your opinion might be about anything , and certainly I shall not start now.

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