Best method to scale up for large prints?

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Re: Best method to scale up for large prints?

JayMitch wrote:

Well, guess what, unless you're at the native resolution of the printer (at least for Epson) it's gonna be resized anyway. And in so doing breaks one of the golden rules of post-processing: sharpening for output should be the absolute last thing you do. So if you have a file at its native resolution and sharpen for output (either manually or automatically through programs like Lightroom) the image will rescale in Epson's driver. Thus you would be scaling the output sharpened image.

You've got it nailed! And note that the same is true for any brand of printer, Epson and all others too. HP and Canon typically print at 300 pixels per inch instead of the 360 ppi that Epson uses. When sending an image to a commercial print shop it's necessary to ask first in order to know what printer they are using. Older LightJet printers used 200 ppi, the LIghtJet 5000 uses either 304.8 or 406.4 ppi. Durst printers use either 200 or 400. ZBE Chromira uses 300 ppi.

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