Another 5n report: EVF, etc.

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Another 5n report: EVF, etc.

Just received it fedex today. (BTW Sony threw in Fedex and a $50 discount on the EVF, when I purchased it with a body-only 5N, so ask!)

EVF: The EVF is incredible! Unfortunately, I can no longer use my tiny soft Sony bag, since the EVF is staying ON. I agree it looks very dorky sitting atop the camera like that. BTW, I can press on that thing as hard as I want it isn't fragile screwed in. Just don't drop the camera. Not great with glasses, though. I will start shooting with the glasses off, I think.

Left eyed? Alas, you will still mash your nose (at least if you have a shnoz like mine).

Accessory door: while it doesn't stick out at an awkward angle or anything, I was hoping it might tuck in somewhere flush and seamless with the EVF. It doesn't. I'm tempted to just break the thing off. It's hard to imagine taking the EVF off for anything unless I was determined to try to pocket the camera.

Shutter sound: MUCH better. While I heard it on Youtube, and wasn't too impressed with its silence. In person it seems more subtle and refined. Electronic front shutter is enabled by default on my camera (I heard someone say the opposite.) The menu item is confusing, even with help turned on, as to which setting is which. It just says 'Front Shutter

Magnification: The magnification factors of 7x and 14x on the 5 are replaced with 9.5 and 4.8. I still wish I could turn the magnification back off by pressing the SAME button again, instead of hunting for the A button. But fortunately, a half shutter press now instantly releases it, unlike my NEX-5 which had a long pause.

Not sure how I would feel about the magnification changewithout the EVF. But with the EVF, I'm not sure I need it. Focus peaking is a breeze. (Though I still don't understand what those peaking levels are supposed to mean, someone help me out here.)

Wheel: Right clicking the wheel is now customizable! Hello ISO setting. You can now cycle between 5 custom settings on the C button instead of only three.

Display: I notice the blown highlight flashing is annoyingly fast, and really hard to look at. Hopefully I won't have to look at too many of those with better exposure.

Touch: Its ok, but I haven't tried it for anything other than a soft wheel. I don't have any autofocus lenses yet. It is disconcerting, that unlike my iPhone, which is perfect, there is a tendency to select (at least temporarily) an item when you are just trying to scroll.

On/Off button: Mine is really stiff. My NEX-5 was used, so I do don't know if it will improve.

Speaker: the speaker holes are larger than on the 5.

Conclusion: the EVF makes it worth the upgrade. I'm happier about the shutter sound than I expected to be. Can't speak to images, etc for a while, but that subject is pretty well covered already.

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