Yongnuo LCD remote control live view finder

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Michael Meissner
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Yongnuo LCD remote control live view finder

As many of you know, I have a fascination with live view external monitors and shutter releases. The main reason is eventually I plan to integrate it into my steampunk camera ( http://www.steampunkmike.org ). Power drain when I'm using live view for hours at a time is an issue, and on the E-3, I've had the camera issue the overheating warning once or twice. If I move the display off to a remote screen, it should make the camera batteries last longer, and hopefully reduce the internal temperature enough that it won't overheat. Of course with an external monitor, it means I now have to carry batteries for the monitor as well as the camera.

In the steampunk setup, in addition to remote display, having a shutter release is a requirement. With the E-3 there is no issue, since the video out port is separate from the RM-CB1 shutter release port. However, with my E-P2 (along with most of the DSLR and Pen cameras) has a combined port that can either do USB I/O, shutter release (RM-UC1) or video out. Unfortunately, Olympus has never come out with a combined Y cable that allows you to do video out and shutter release at the same time. You can build such a combined cable, but I'm not that good at cable splicing ( http://www.nolonemo.com/files/E520Cable/E520Cable.htm ). Instead, I would use a film mechanical shutter release that I attached over the shutter with velcro.

It is somewhat annoying that on the Pens, Olympus put the cable out in the right hand side where you grip the camera, instead of the left side or under the LCD where it had been for other Olympus cameras.

Note, the video that Olympus puts out in the analog video out is only at QVGA resolution (320x240). For me, this isn't an issue as long as I make sure the external monitor can handle the resolution. However, if you were to plug the external video feed to a large screen TV, it would be rather blocky.

Even though Olympus has a HDMI port and that would be nice for live view output on large screens, Olympus will automatically switch the camera to review mode whenever you plug in an HDMI cable. Evidently, the Panasonic G-H2 can do live view via HDMI, but not on Olympus cameras.

So in my quest, my first attempt at a live view monitor was the Wolverine MyMovie pocket video camera. The MyMovie camera is one of the few of the pocket video cameras that take live view input, once I got the appropriate cables. However, the MyMovie uses a proprietary battery, and it has been my experience that proprietary batteries are hard to come by after the product is no longer being made (I bought it at an ebay clearance site, so it was clear that it was on the way out). The battery issue could be worked around by having an external battery feed it power through the USB port that it uses for charging, except the device believes it is connected to a pc, if you connect a USB cable when it is turned on.

I recently found a MP4 video player that takes video in (JXD 969). The older model that I got uses a standard cell phone battery (Nokia 5C) that my previous cell phone used, so I already had some spares. However, it only does video out, and with the E-P2, I would need to use my mechanical shutter release, and it would be nice to get a combined unit.

(continued on next post)

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