Nex 5n minor disappointments

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Nex 5n minor disappointments


I'm one of those waiting for Nex 7, but after a few rave reviews of the 5n I decided to pick one up to try while waiting.

I'm a camera enthusiast so I buy and sell a lot of cameras, used to be Canon and Nikon but now my latest obsession are these mirrorless ILCs , I've spent sometimes with the new PENs, new G and GF from Panasonic and now 5n.

Let me say this loud and clear, the high ISO images of the 5n is best I've seen (better than Canon 600D and Nikon D5100) , even 6400 is easily usable, but more importantly 1600 is great.

But here comes the disappointments, please note that these are MY personal opinion, I know my way around a camera but not an expert at every settings and controls, I just enjoy taking pictures, not worrying about settings and photo editing.

Build Quality

General build quality is good, but the biggest let down is the shutter button, it's too deep meaning too recessed, I have standard sized finger but I feel like I have to take picture with the tip of the nail/finger. It seems minor but it takes the fun out of shooting compared to the latest Canon and PENs with a very satisfying click.


Flash coverage is ok, but it seems the exposure is way off, camera will try to go for ISO1600 when taking flash photos resulting in VERY white blown highlights in almost every picture, putting flash comp to -1 helps, but many people will be disappointed when using iAuto mode, my wife included.


Shutter response is good, AF in low light is so so but the worst thing is image previewing after taking picture, the screen will go dark about a second before previewing the picture, this is fine for test shots but I was shooting for over an hour and this really gets in the way, I had to turn the image preview off, I'm surprised that this and even AF is slower the latest micro 4/3s. Hoping that it's not slower with the 24mpx of the Nex 7.

Anyway despite these minor flaws I'm very happy with what Sony have done, they are really improving, their skin tone is now good enough imho, the overall image quality is great, I'm really excited waiting for the Nex 7, here's hoping that the shutter button is more satisfying!

Nex 5n is made in Thailand, does anyone where is the Nex 7 being made?

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