Subtle differences between C3 & 5N that you may not know

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Subtle differences between C3 & 5N that you may not know

Owning both cameras, I would like to tell everyone some subtle differences that you may not know yet:

  • 5N is slightly lighter than C3, by 15g

  • 5N is 16.1MP, C3 is 16.2MP

  • 5N can assign AEL to a custom button, C3 can't

  • C3 can assign custom functions to the left scroll wheel button, 5N can't

  • 5N buttons are more protruding than C3

  • 5N has a display mode that shows ISO in big letters on the bottom, C3 doesn't

  • 5N always shows ISO on the bottom row

  • 5N has more grid display options including diagonals

  • 5N auto ISO goes up to 3200, C3 is up to 1600

  • 5N has wind noise reduction feature during video recording

  • 5N exp comp goes -3 to +3, C3 goes -2 to +2

  • 5N has microadjustment for lenses, and lens compensation for E mount lenses

  • Contrary to reports, 5N shutter sound is just as loud as C3, but half as long (since electronic shutter is quiet)

  • 5N does not have two tabs on the bottom of LCD screen, so snap-on screen protectors will NOT work for 5N

  • 5N is not entirely metal body - the battery cover and grip surface are plastic

In terms of image quality, I really don't see that much of a difference for daily shooting between C3 and 5N, even for high ISO. I think they have the same sensor but 5N has a more refined jpeg engine (maybe a future firmware update for C3 will make them equal?).

Hope this helps you make a decision.

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