Buying 60D body and want an L Series lens

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Re: Buying 60D body and want an L Series lens

janzu77 wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

you wouldn't have "problems" per se, its a reliable and sturdy lens with below average optical performance for lenses at its price range.

You have obviously tried this lens? I had Tamron 17-50/2.8 non-vc before this current one, and 18-55IS before the Tamron. All these steps have shown some improvement in IQ...

that may well be true. but 18-55 IS's IQ is too close to 17-40, yet it has 3 stop IS and longer reach and cost 1/5.

the tamron cost about 3/5 of 17-40L and has more reach with F2.8.

these all speak against 17-40L.

look.... many people bought 17-40 L before likes of 18-55IS, 15-85 and 17-55 were available, there is nothing wrong with their purchase and I am not knocking on their purchase. But this is now and that was then. today there are so many better options out there 17-40 just doesnt make that much sense.

IQ is approximately the same as with my 100/2.8 Macro in daylight so it's not that bad.

not possible when used at same apertures larger than F5.6

So you think that PZ has had some issues since their test gives the same results as my experience? @5.6 - 11. Possible?

you are right, I over estimated IQ of 100 macro.

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