FZ150 and Sony HX100V

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kretinaceo Regular Member • Posts: 267
Re: FZ150 is better than FZ35

sorinx wrote:

As a camera, I think that FZ150 is better than FZ35. Bigger zoom, better focus, much faster especially in RAW, tilt LCD...

Well problaby it's a better camera provided you don't give priority to IQ. However, concerning to IQ the Fz35 is still the best, hands down.

Furthermore I don't consider having a bigger zoom a feature to be a better camera. Like most people I don't really need 600 mm at all. If something is far, I get closer. Just simple as that. People are lazy these days.

My only concerns are gettin' the best IQ and Fz35 is the camera to beat on that specific field - The most important factor for me- . Even though the pictures that yield this brand-new Fz150 look pretty decent it doesn't exceed FZ35's quality whatsoever.

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