Toughness of the F-mount

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Re: Gearsau, proably right

Hawaii-geek wrote:

Gearsau wrote:

When I travel, everything is separate. D3S, D3, 16mm, 35mm ,50mm ,135mm, 180mm , 14-24...All separate in the Lowepro back pack... Safest way.
Regards Peter

You are probably right.
Will be doing that from now on.

I used to be very stubborn about NEVER taking my lens off the body's.
and I allways as a "carry on" on trips.

But, have a feeling something pressing down on the Camera and Lens in the Bag or on top of the Bag , probably is putting some stress on the Mount.

Even sitting on the table I now put it on the Back of the D700 body ... with the Lens up in the air. So if someone leans over it and presses on it accidently it will not stress the mount ... it might fall over hmmm

Over all , the D700 has been pretty durable ... My only exception is that flawed Hot Shoe Mount with the heavy sb900. I will continue to whine about that

My mate in Sydney, Australia has experience the same problem with his D700 and SB900. I think the flash is just too heavy for the top assembly. It was going to cost a lot of $$ for the repair..I suggested he use the flash with a grip instead...

All the best
Regards Peter

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