F550 Landscape.

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Re: Lens poor at edges

Adam-85 wrote:

PAUL TILL wrote:

I've booked it in for repair/exchange, FujiFilm UK have said the warranty is valid here in the UK and they will check the lens out.

The description I gave read: All my pictures taken at the wide end are very soft down the left side and top right, I've posted lots of images in the FujiFilm forum on dpreview and myself and those that have expressed an opinion have come to the same conclusion, my camera is defective.

One thing I found odd was he said the soft lens might be able to be fixed in the firmware! He went on to say they might just increase the depth of field to even out the soft parts!

Does that sound doable?


Gday Paul,

Just wondering how the warranty claim went? I'm thinking about getting an f550 for my wife for a holiday coming up (unfortunately before the f600 will reach Australia)


Fuji were as good as gold, they gave me 3 replacements but they were all as bad as the first. I sold the last one on e-bay, got a positive feedback so it just shows that some people are a lot easier to please.


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