Domke F-6 and F-3x advice needed

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Domke F-6 and F-3x advice needed

Hi Guys,

I now have a serious case of the BBA. Some insightful comments are needed so that I can press the "buy" button somewhere, stop obsessing about a bag for a while and get going again with some photos.

Here is what I have:

1. Thinktank Urban disguise 60 for the times when the kitchen sink and the laptop needs to go along. Pretty happy with it. Just super heavy when loaded up, but thats the law of gravity for you.

2. Naneu Pro alpha small backpack. Also like it a lot. Very good as carry-on onto airplanes with all its pockets. Also great for hiking and very long walks. Comfortable.

Both however, fail as a city walkaround bag for me, as either access is slow, or the bag (Urban 60) is too big for city trips / day bag. I also have a small Lowepro Nova mini. And this is the one I would like to replace.
What bothers me about the mini is:
1. bouncy on the hip
2. A touch too small for what I would like to carry.
3. fugly
4. Overall squeaky, stiff and not so comfortable to carry

New bag should:
1. Carry a camera, 3 or so primes and maybe a zoom thrown in.
2. Have a little bit of storage for maps, tickets, papers and small accessories.

3. Be able to fold up relatively compact and be transported in my main luggage, wile the Naneu pro will act as my carry on with all the lenses I would like to take on holiday etc.
4. Access to camera/lenses should be quick, easy and silent

So my extensive research and online browsing has taken me to two bags.
F-6 and F-3X:

I like the F-6 a lot from what I can see online (no shop locally carries Domke). The 4 compartment insert seems to be very nice with dealing with small prime lenses (I have the 16mm Zenitar, 21, 40 and 70). I prefer not to stack lenses.

Bothersome: It has two clips compared to the F3x, and seemingly a narrower strap. Seems more bulky compared the F-3x.
Advantages: much less expensive than F-3x in Europe.

The F-3x seems like it can fold up much better when packed in luggage. But maybe some of you can correct me here. Also it only has one clasp on the front and has the wider strap. I can of course get the F-6 here with the postal pad for still cheaper than the F-3x by the way. What I dont like about the F-3x is that it seems like a lot of space in the bag is lost with primes there. And that they might slide around a lot (Thinking of DA40 and DA21 here).

Any of you have both and can guide me here? Or those of you that have either the F-6 or F-3x can maybe address my concerns.

Super thanks a lot for answers in advance! (My apologies for the long message...I guess I try to give as much info from the start as possible).


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