Canon 10-22mm or Tokina 11-16mm for 7d

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Re: Canon 10-22mm or Tokina 11-16mm for 7d

Conan67 wrote:

I'm trying to make a decision on these two lenses.

The Tokina 11-16 seems appealing because of it's f2.8 and it is compatible with full frame canon cameras But I haven't heard much on the image quality

The Canon 10-22 has had great reviews nag is suited for the 7d but isn't upgradable to a FF later on as all my other lenses are L
Has anyone got and ideas to confuse me more or make up my mind ?

I have the The Tokina, it is a nice lens.

However with the High ISO capabilities from 7D the value of f/2.8 isnt a killer issue.

These shots below are from my 50D+Tokina 11-16.
All taken at Fullmoon, close to midnight!

Q: Could thay have been taken with canon 10-22?
A: YES, but.............

Colors of the Tokina is close to L colors, a slight bit more saturated than my 24-105L
and colors will suffer slightly from higher ISO.
Sharpness will also suffer slightly from higher ISO.

BUT then again...
You will need to print VERY BIG posters to see the differances in sharpness.
Colors is matter of taste.
Absolutely NO ONE, can tell wich lens you used in a 90x60 cm print.

Not even if you told them that they can pick between 10-22 or the 11-16 as answers.

Full Frame in the future?
That was also why I got my Tokina over the Canon 3 yers ago.
I still dont have a Full Frame.

I have the Money for FF, however 50D is very good an not due for replacement anytime soon.

If you really consider going FF in the future, dont wait! Go now.!
That will be a cheaper path.


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