Is HDR better?

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give it some thought. .

Are you sure about what you're saying?

I understand that we have very sophisticated vision and can briskly compensate for lighting but when you capture a scene with a typical digital camera on a bright summer day chances are you'll get a blown out sky or end up with one much whiter than it should be and paper white skies isn't what our eyes see! At least not mine!

Some people meter for the sky and just underexpose which gives you a darker ground, yes we all know this basic trick(and vice versa) which may or may not be an issue but it's a compromise that once you reach a certain threshold isn't going to get the job done or it isn't as good as using a more advanced technique which can lead to a much more natural looking image vs one that really does look like it has been pushed and pulled apart revealing weird highlight tonal shifts and noisy dark areas for example which they hope nobody can see or they only do so much as to stop right at the point where it's still not that bad but wish they could go further. . .

I do give your point some merit but I have a hard time believing our vision is as biased as our cameras are.

gandalfII wrote:

This may seem nitpicky to some, but I doubt that your eyes (certainly not my 50+ yo eyes) have the DR of a decent modern camera. what they CAN do is scan the "image" bit by bit, readjusting for the local brightness. It comes down, I spoze, to what you saw vs what you remember seeing.

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